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"How We Lead" (Set of 10 Cards)

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"How We Lead" is a personal project by Colin (@wirelessed) and Lizzy (@lizzaeh). This is a set of 10 cards that feature quotes from books that Liz has read in 2017.

"How We Lead" features quotes from Christian and secular leadership books.
"Who We Are" features quotes from a collection of Christian authors.

Brief Introduction

"Dear friend (or stranger),

This set of cards is a small time-capsule of the memories that have been important to the both of us in 2017.

The photos are taken by Colin, whose love language is nature, walks and sunsets. They are shot in Singapore, Israel, Japan and Philippines—some of the countries we have visited as restless, wanderlust-y millennials.

The quotes featured in this series of cards are from books that I’ve (Lizzy) been reading and curating as part of @readtype.
@readtype has been my very humble attempt, on Instagram, to start a book club for my fellow time-starved friends.

When you read a great book, you want to recommend it to someone else. Unfortunately, people seldom have time to read their friends’ recommendations. (It’s easy to check out a restaurant your friend is ecstatic about, but a book is understandably way above most people’s desire to commit.)

I was once given a book by a friend. After it sat politely on my bookcase for 3 years, with ample time to turn yellow and musty, I finally picked it up and read it. The book ended up being a milestone in my life and one I would still recommend today. (If you’re curious, it was Visioneering by Andy Stanley).

@readtype has been my hack to give people a taste of how soul-cleansing and perspective-changing some of these reads can be. (In case you want to pick up a copy for yourself.)

We hope you’ll be blessed by the words contained in these cards as well as our above-average smartphone photography.

Colin and I are praying that your soul will be happy and healthy. That your life will always be filled with exciting adventures. And that your dreams will always exceed your accolades.

In His love,
Colin (@wirelessed) x Lizzy (@lizzaeh)"